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Finishing touches

January 5, 2012

I took an intensive haute couture sewing  and patternmaking class last fall, taught by a tiny old seamstress we called Signora. We sat at workstations in serried rows for hours at a time while she paced about the room, examining our work and holding forth on the subject du jour. It was fantastic. Very rigorous, but just what I wanted.

As the Resident Foreigners, my friend Astrid and I were given many lectures on why traditional Italian tailoring enjoys the reputation it has (and let me tell you, there is WORK that goes in to properly tailoring something!) A constant refrain from Signora was “Rifiniture!” The finishing touches. She showed us the extra steps that made a hand-made garment into a work of fine craftsmanship. It’s all about the little thoughts that make a garment truly special.

That’s why I’m particularly drawn to vintage tailoring, such as with the suit above. The perfect seam on the waist and the buttons at the back are beautiful touches, showing that the garment was thoughtfully constructed. I’m working on building a skeleton wardrobe right now, of perfect base pieces, and it is these careful details that I’m looking out for, such as a well-made hem or something to make the piece more beautiful and unique. I think I might be done with fast fashion, except for pops of trendiness. Quality and thoughtfulness are becoming more and more important to me. How do you feel about this?

[Image via]


Coveting 11.3.10

November 3, 2010

I would like this bookcase, please. Thanks. That will be all. Oh, and an apartment to put it in too, please. Think you can take care of that for me?



Coveting 10.30.10

October 30, 2010

I love, love, love this blouse from Norwegian Wood‘s shop. I’m love with unusual pieces based off coat details, and so the trench-coat-like box pleat on the back of this blouse is really appealing to me. The sheer panel is also lovely. It’s a perfect spring blouse– though sadly it’s October, and out my window I can only see grey skies and rain. Stupid seasonal changes. Pah.

Also, how gorgeous is her model? New girl-crush.

[Norwegian Wood Trench blouse, $75]


Coveting 10.20.10

October 20, 2010

Shoot, October 20th already?! I need to get off my butt and start upping my game.  Enough protracted vacation and vague stabbings at productivity. Time has come for WORK.

But there is still room in there for a little frivolity before the buckling down.  Luxirare‘s leopard print jacket seems to fit the bill pretty well, featuring a use of the print and strong hardware that practically has me salivating. I’m a sucker for a good animal print.

Check it out.

Hardware porn.

Gets me hot.

That’s right.

And if you’re so inclined, there’s the matching camera bag! Bam.


Coveting 10.13.10

October 13, 2010

Dear Gareth Pugh,

If you could just messenger me over the following looks from your new collection, that would be great. You’ve even sold me on the colour white.



(Seriously, I would sell my baby brother for this jacket.  Sorry Charles. I love you and all, but I’m a sucker for asymmetrical closures and interesting peplums.)

Sleek, black, vaguely armour-like. WANT.

Disco cyborg. Hate the leggings, covet the dress.

This is so cool and android-at-a-Ren-faire-y. I want to twirl around in it.

I think my other brother might have to be exchanged for this jacket. Sorry, Max. Your charms are no match for metallic drapey awesomeness.

So, Gareth, what do you think? Do we have a deal? My undying love and two brothers in exchange for your awesome clothing?

What do you mean, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting much out of it?

So cruel of you, Gareth. I thought you were better than that.

[via where you will also find awesome menswear looks which I ignored in my selfish focus on my own imaginary wardrobe.]

And inspiration to revisit the collection thanks to Gene!



Coveting: Debra Baxter

September 16, 2010

Debra Baxter‘s phenomenal Crystal Brass Knuckles did the rounds of the blogs a while back, but I find myself mentally revisiting them from time to time when I look for the perfect combination of tough metal and crystal. Doesn’t hurt that they’re named “(I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)”. It’s a crazy piece, but oddly wearable. Then again I’m notoriously magpie-esque when it comes to ridiculously large rings, so maybe don’t listen to me.

Gorgeous though her ring is, though, I also fell for some of her other pieces while perusing her website. I love her mix of materials and softnesses. I would personally kill to have the abiliity to manipulate sthones in this way. The results are beautiful, thoughtful, and a bit disconcerting.

Join (it will stop screaming if you let go of it), 2010.

Untitled (open/end), 2009

Untitled (You Light Up My Life), 2010

False Hope, 2009

Like Your Life Depends On It, 2010

Untitled (speed bag), 2007

Brass Knuckles/Tongue (Hurts so good), 2007

Dust Mask (Catching My Breath), 2009


Stalking Vidal Sassoon

April 29, 2010

My hair is curly, and I look like a pin-head with short hair  but if I could pull it off, I’d march straight to the hairdresser right now and demand a replica of one of these sleek Vidal Sassoon cuts.  I’ve lusted after them for years. The first time I chopped my hair short, I was sure that I would magically be transformed into one of these androgynous Sixties gamines. Tragically, I hadn’t factored in being twelve, with a face-full of braces and rower’s shoulders. I looked androgynous all right, but not in any good way. I lacked the requisite frailty to pull off the look.

Every couple of years, I’d happen across a picture of Sassoon at work and feel the familiar compulsion to either pick up the scissors myself (end result: tears and strange short spots in hard-to-reach areas) or to hightail it to the local hairdresser (result: strange mushroom crop). I’ve learned my lesson over the past few years and am rocking the long sexy boho wavy thing. Still, looking at these pictures and these exquisite cuts, I’m feeling a sudden urge to start scrutinizing my face shape. Maybe something subtle will have changed in my bone structure and hair texture to allow me to chop it off into a sexy angular crop? Maybe? This time around? Pretty please?


Coveting 3.10.10

March 10, 2010

This photo’s original intent  was to showcase the basket, but I really just want that fireplace, the ceiling and these walls in my life. I want them in the living room of my imaginary summer house. Across from the fireplace there will be a window that looks out over a garden and down into the sea. The garden has big bushes of lavender in it, and in the summertime bees fly lazily through them. The house itself is located up on a hillside, but you can pick your way down a rocky path to a little cove, unknown to anyone on the island. The beach there is rocky, but it gives way to sand, and we have a little dinghy anchored a little ways out, that we can take around to the other islands. Some days we put on masks and go diving off the rocks further out to hunt for sea urchins, which we crack open and eat on the beach with the rest of the lunch we brought down with us. When it gets a bit chilly, we wrap big faded striped towels around ourselves and race up the hill back to the house. Everyone collapses laughing onto the  couch in a tangle of tanned limbs and we sit there and gab until someone gets up the energy to wander into the kitchen for dinner fixings. At night we drink a bit too much wine and sit out in the garden and wonder at how dark it gets away from city lights.

Sound good?


Coveting 3.9.10

March 9, 2010

My inner Goth loves all the trappings associated with Victorian mourning. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful and macabre. The pieces contain so much romance and history. There’s infinite potential for daydreaming about a young widow, wilting in tragic despair over the death of the man she loves. Or perhaps an abused wife, secretly happy at the demise of her tormentor, but now trapped in widow’s clothes while all she wants to do is wear green and shocking red and rejoice in her new-found freedom. So many stories to wonder about and to invent.

Not to mention that perfect, squeamishly delicious frisson of sacrilege when donned nowadays. It’s so funny to divorce these pieces from all their significance and just look at them as beautiful objects. Which of course they are. Erie Basin has a beautiful selection right now, which I go to look at when I want to daydream and forget I’m poor. The 1780 Georgian Sepia Mourning Ring above would be wending its way to me right now if it didn’t cost more than a month’s rent. Sigh.

A girl can dream, though. And these creepily beautiful pieces are great fodder for dreams and general inspiration.

1880s Carved Whitby Jet Mourning Earrings.

1880s Black Cameo Ring. (Ok, this may not be a piece of mourning jewelry, but it does fit the theme nicely. And it is rather beautiful, isn’t it?)


Coveting 3.4.10

March 4, 2010

I like a little punk edge mixed in with my pearls, so I’m utterly adoring Joomi Lim’s Love Hurts bracelet-handcuff for Laila Lee. [Not really SFW] It’s the perfect combination of the pearls’ classic looks with a harder touch. If I’m not wearing them straight, I tend to mix pearls with a whole slew of chains, but I really like this idea of just contrasting them with clean lines of the single chain and the spikes. I would wear this as a bracelet, as shown below, but the versatility of the piece is great.

Joomi also makes other wonderful  pieces which are available at Opening Ceremony. $195 is a little steep for me for this particular piece, given that I am armed with chains, pearls and jewelry pliers, and not afraid to use them, but I’m really inspired by it, and am already sketching out variations to play with next time I’m rooting through my jewelry-making supplies. I shall just have to go out to get some spikes.

Proving their versatility.


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