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Coveting: Debra Baxter

September 16, 2010

Debra Baxter‘s phenomenal Crystal Brass Knuckles did the rounds of the blogs a while back, but I find myself mentally revisiting them from time to time when I look for the perfect combination of tough metal and crystal. Doesn’t hurt that they’re named “(I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)”. It’s a crazy piece, but oddly wearable. Then again I’m notoriously magpie-esque when it comes to ridiculously large rings, so maybe don’t listen to me.

Gorgeous though her ring is, though, I also fell for some of her other pieces while perusing her website. I love her mix of materials and softnesses. I would personally kill to have the abiliity to manipulate sthones in this way. The results are beautiful, thoughtful, and a bit disconcerting.

Join (it will stop screaming if you let go of it), 2010.

Untitled (open/end), 2009

Untitled (You Light Up My Life), 2010

False Hope, 2009

Like Your Life Depends On It, 2010

Untitled (speed bag), 2007

Brass Knuckles/Tongue (Hurts so good), 2007

Dust Mask (Catching My Breath), 2009


Bitch don’t make me take my earrings off

March 16, 2010

These earrings by You gNeeK on Etsy solve the age-old problem of form vs. function. Have your cake, eat it too! Two birds, one stone! !!!

The store offers hundreds of delightfully geeky objects, such as a math clock I’m incredibly tempted to get for my boyfriend (PhD student in electrical engineering… ’nuff said) and lots of cool functional tools dressed up as aesthetically pleasing  jewelry.  I’m infinitely pleased by the spirit level necklace, but the violent pyro in me can’t keep her eyes off the infinitely cool dangerous toys, like the working folding knife earrings. Steampunk enthusiasts should forget their silly faux clockwork jewellery and turn to these instead. Nothing says gentlewoman-adventurer chic quite like working lighter earrings. Love them.

Tiny Folding Knife Earrings. $39.99

Vintage Gold Lighter Earrings. $49.99

Switchblade necklace. $34.99


Coveting 3.11.10

March 11, 2010

I know I just talked about jewelry from Erie Basin. While I was poking around on there, I saw the link to their selection of contemporary rings from Conroy & Wilcox. I fell completely head over heels in love with this rose-cut black diamond ring. I’ve always preferred dark stones (I’m wearing my grandmother’s smokey topaz necklace as I write this) and black diamonds are my favourite of the breed. The rose cut also means that it’s not too blingy. Instead, you get a beautiful, unusual ring that is understated enough to wear every day but still grabs attention. Love love love it.


Coveting 3.4.10

March 4, 2010

I like a little punk edge mixed in with my pearls, so I’m utterly adoring Joomi Lim’s Love Hurts bracelet-handcuff for Laila Lee. [Not really SFW] It’s the perfect combination of the pearls’ classic looks with a harder touch. If I’m not wearing them straight, I tend to mix pearls with a whole slew of chains, but I really like this idea of just contrasting them with clean lines of the single chain and the spikes. I would wear this as a bracelet, as shown below, but the versatility of the piece is great.

Joomi also makes other wonderful  pieces which are available at Opening Ceremony. $195 is a little steep for me for this particular piece, given that I am armed with chains, pearls and jewelry pliers, and not afraid to use them, but I’m really inspired by it, and am already sketching out variations to play with next time I’m rooting through my jewelry-making supplies. I shall just have to go out to get some spikes.

Proving their versatility.


2.19.10 Coveting

February 19, 2010

Seems I’m all about rings these days. I love big, fun statement rings, and whilst whiling away the hours I always find myself drawn to Wendy Brandes‘ wonderful Anne of Cleves* ring. Sadly, the income of a paralegal ain’t all that disposable, so I fear our love is not to be, but it still makes for some great gazing-fodder. Just lovely.

* Flexing my history geek muscles: Anne of Cleves was Henry VIII’s fourth wife. They were married for only  six months before he had the marriage annulled (reportedly because she was not as beautiful as he had believed… ironic given the fact that he was gouty and obese at this time.) She was given the title of The King’s Sister, made off with a big settlement, and actually outlived him and his last two wives. Here’s a copy of the troublesome portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger that led him to thinking she was prettier than proved to be the case:


2.18.10 Coveting

February 18, 2010

Did I mention I love Michelle Chang’s jewellery? Check out her snake rings and her skull bangle:

Open Mouth Snake Ring, $216

Double Baby Snake Ring, $136

Baby Skull Bangle, $64 (This might have to be the next piece of hers I acquire)

I also love her Baby Skull Ring, and her Baby Kitty Studs for a touch of sweetness.


My Funny Valentine

February 15, 2010

I know, the post title is awful and cheesy, but… just look at the adorable necklace my man got me for Valentine’s Day!!! I couldn’t resist!

I love elephants, and small cute creatures, and have been utterly lusting after all the items in Michelle Chang’s Etsy shop, so it was a perfect match! It’s teeny and even cuter in real life. I’m overjoyed.

Action shot to be added later, when I’m in a better-lit place.


More Tao

October 2, 2009

As predicted, Tao Okamoto continues to be feted– so much so that Vogue Nippon does the unheard-of and dedicates their entire November 09 issue to her. (Also monumental bc they haven’t featured a Japanese model on the cover in years…) A whole slew of famous photographers contributed their take on her beauty. Here’s my favourite editorial, shot by Inez and Vinoodh.



01 Vogue Nippon November 2009



May 23, 2009

Breaking: Grills are not an original concept.

grillzThis Maya skull, found in Chiapas, Mexico, is an example of this early practice of inserting semi-precious stones into one’s mouth. These decorations apparently were common to all classes, and were thought to be inserted with the aid of of an obsidian drill. Hopefully, they used some sort of pain reliever– I’m cringing at the thought as I write this. Also having a good deal of trouble picturing the result. It’s disconcerting enough when you see a person with a grill or with a diamond on their tooth– a whole mouthful of jade and other stones would be even more distracting. I’d be too worried about one popping out and being accidentally swallowed to have a coherent conversation with the person. At least their dentists were presumably skilled. Yikes.
[via National Geographic]


Divorce Rings

May 22, 2009

gisele ganne 4

In these days when divorce is so prevalent, it’s good that someone has thought of a way to make something beautiful of a depressing subject.

gisele ganne 3

Gisele Ganne takes inspiration from traditions of marriage, divorce and mourning to create beautiful, subversive jewelry. These knuckle-dusters pictured are from her “Divorce Jewelry” line, playing on such things as the Bride Globe, a traditional French present to the bride at her wedding. She also draws heavily upon traditional symbols related to these themes, such as roses, forget-me-nots, ivy, and more macabre things like skulls.

gisele ganne

Associations aside, these rings are just plain cool. You may have noticed that I have just the slightest bit of a penchant for big unusual statement-y jewelry, and these rings absolutely fit the bill. The macabre themes are a bonus, with my love of all things creepy. I came across them while looking for knuckle-dusters in general. Could I just get over my vague feeling of bad luck with the themes they’re representing, and had I 2000 pounds to drop on a ring, I would definitely pick one up.

gisele ganne 2

gisele ganne 7

The three rings below are from her Mourning series, and definitely more affordable and suited for everyday use. I love the silver “diamond” supported by the two skulls. Beautiful!

gisele ganne 6gisele ganne 8gisele ganne 9

Should you find yourself less financially limited than me, her rings are available for purchase at Kabiri.


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