Farmhouse Modern

April 14, 2009

I love this dining room:


[Atlantis Home (scroll down)]

I love the airiness and the light of the room. The shade of yellow on the door is the colour of the house I grew up in, and that I associate  with being highly condusive to perfect happiness. The contrast of materials and textures, though, is what really does it for me. The wood and the sheepskin are so rustic, evoking thoughts of delicious roasts and merry family times about the table. The room would have been delightful even without the addition of the Ghost Chairs, but they manage to pull the whole setting out of the Tuscan countryside and locate it firmly in this century. And the blackboard… the blackboard!!! I’ve just lost a good five minutes daydreaming of the sheer bliss of having such an immense blackboard. What a great canvas for doodles and writings. A perfect conversation piece, and a perfect plaything for residents and guests alike.


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