Elephants never forget.

April 15, 2009

Inspired by one of my favourite animals, I searched for “elephants” on Etsy. Here’s a smattering of cool finds from the pages and pages of results:


I’ve been lusting after this necklace from Untamed Menagerie for a while. I love most of the designs from that shop, but this necklace in particular has a touch of fantasy that delights me. Also, I love bows, I love new takes on pearls, and I love elephants. Might have to get it. I go back to look at it often enough.


This particular take on the mighty elephant, from Sarah Jane Studios, introduces another favourite element: the bunny. It’s a little sweeter and more childlike than I generally openly admit to being in to, but I have strongly considered purchasing these cards– for letters to the dearest friends only. Or perhaps to keep up on my wall at work and to look at when I want to see something utterly cute.


I might have to have a child just to have the excuse to put this growth chart up on my wall. Or snatch one, perhaps. (Child, not growth chart. It’d probably be a little more difficult to get my hands on the growth chart, as I don’t know where they’re made. The child I can obtain just by hanging out in Park Slope any day of the week.) Animals of Africa, en masse. Lovely. From Janey Mac.


Elephant bling! From PreciousCharm.


I find this pair absolutely adorable, and they soon just might find themselves winging their way into my collection of tchotckes. The simple lines give the figurines a surprising amount of personality, and the patterns on the paper are beautiful, and have just the perfect amount of ethnic feel. Plus I’m a sucker for anything that comes in pairs, with a big one and a little one. From Gypsy and Twink, one of my new favourite stores.


Small, cute, stylized, practical. I’ve been thinking about this little guy for a while. Too bad I have too many keys to be able to truly show off a keychain this great. From Leather Prince.


And finally, this elephant tile from Biat Work. It would make for a cool, unexpected addition to any grouping of paintings. A fine way to immortalise this glorious beast on your way.

There are, of course, many more offerings of the elephantine variety, but I am afraid I shall have to leave them for you to look for, dear reader.

Oh, but I can’t talk about elephants without a mention of my very favourite one, an old childhood friend:



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