Memento Mori

April 16, 2009



Neil Gaiman mentioned this collection of photos in his blog, so this has already garnered a fair amount of attention,  but I thought I would weigh in and show off some of my favourites from the group.


[Shots At Random]

Ghoulish though it may sound, I adore cemeteries. The very concept of them astounds me. In certain cities, such as New York or Hong Kong, it seems an utterly irrational act to devote that much land to the dead. In other places, where space is not at such a premium, I am entertained by the materials and time that go into constructing people’s final resting places.


[Autumn Sonata]

I am most enamoured of old cemetaries, where the letters are worn off the tombstones and the graves in the most ancient parts are a bit overgrown. I had the luck of going to college near Mt. Auburn Cemetary in Boston, which was a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon. I also spent two summers in St. Petersburg, where there was an immense, rambling graveyard near my dormitory on Vassilievsky Island. On sunny days I would cut through it while walking home from class, and would delight in the old inscriptions, and the trees that grew up around the oldest tombs. Graveyards are wonderful to me, equal parts mysterious and beautiful, tragic and reassuring. I love imagining the stories about the people lying in the graves, and the people who tend them, as well as just wandering through them and enjoying the silence.



The photos above are all from jazjaz’s collection of beautiful photos taken in graveyards. Below I’ve put some others that I’ve stumble across doing my own search for graveyard pictures.




[Zen Librarian]




[Cul 9]


[Karen Marlene Larsen]

The one above is from Mt. Auburn Cemetery!




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