Pigeon Post

April 21, 2009

My dear friend forgot her Blackberry at work over the weekend (the horror!) and was too lazy to go to Brooklyn to fetch it. Her gchat status was a cheeky “Be creative”, so I suggested pigeon post as a means of contacting her. Seems a rather practical pursuit in New York– plenty of pigeons, and a relatively short area over which messages are to be delivered. And 2000 years of history can’t be wrong, right? Right?

This conversation lead to my poking around the internet to further research this, and I came across the following things:

Firstly, there were specific stamps made for the pigeon post on Great Barrier Island. These are rather beautifully designed. Also, the proof of a formalised system of pigeon post fills me with glee. It’s an ingenious solution to the problem of communicating information over long distances, but at the same time it has such a touch of fantasy about it that it brings me immense pleasure. Also, I like stamps, so discovering these in general makes me happy.



Secondly, looking up carrier pigeons lead to looking up the breeding of pigeons (with a detour into looking up On the Waterfront… still topical, right? Pigeons as metaphors still work here!), which lead me to the strange and wonderful world of Fancy Pigeons. I leave you with this beautiful image:



It’s called a Pigmy Pouter, and I may find it even funnier than bulldogs and their smooshy faces.


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