Synaesthesia, Illustrated.

April 21, 2009

I am charmed by Lauren DiCioccio‘s Color Codification Dot Drawings.


VanityFair MAY08:pg128 (such was the
urge to engineer the weather)

Her process is simple but ingenious. She took a page from a magazine, assigned a colour to every letter, and then re-did the page, making the appropriate substitutions.

I absolutely adore the result. As a visual object, it’s beautiful, but the added element of the meaning behind the colours ramps it up to a whole new level. It becomes a code, with infinite potential meanings, to be solved only by those in the know of the key. We can only dream of what it was about this page that captured the artist’s imagination so, and compelled her to translate it into colours. She provides hints with the titles, but ultimately deciphering would entail a fairly substantial effort on the part of the viewer.

synaesthesiaW SEP08.pg288 (for me there is no

I particularly love how the layout of the page is underscored through this technique, with all the paragraphs and columns acting as distinct zones, broken up by the margins. The imprecision of the dots of colour also make the dots seem slightly out of focus, as though if you stared at it long enough, you just might be able to make sense of it. Most of all, I love that it ends up being a sort of illustration of synaesthesia. So few people have a way of understanding this condition, but here at last is a demonstration of the effect. The only difference is that people possessing this trait also know the key to decode it.

Prints of DiCiocco’s works are available at 20×200.


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