Blue and White

April 29, 2009

I grew up in a house simply filled with blue and white porcelain. My mother collects it, and there’s at least one piece in every room, as far as I can recall. As a result, I find the combination particularly pleasing. Here below are some examples I have found while poking around the web:

blue-white-1[link] I seriously love Japanese textiles. The jacket I’m wearing as I write this is made of a fabric with a similar colour scheme/feel. I just love going to Kinokuniya and drooling over the prints on the paper and the textiles. Gorgeous.

blue-white-21[link] Old wood, decay, and blue and white. What’s not to like?

blue-white-3[link] I love the colours and the simple style of this Cornishware… I’m inspired to start a collection of my very own! Now if I only had the room for it. And the means to start collecting random things.

blue-white-4[link] In the meantime, I’m sustained by my lust for Cathrineholm enamelware. The lotus pattern is so very cool. I actually have this teapot, in orange and white. It’s currently hiding out with the rest of my stuff in storage, but someday it shall be allowed out to frolic with the other pretty retro housewares I shall have collected in the meantime.

blue-white-5[link] This is taken somewhere in a subway station in Stockholm. I wonder if it’s another sign I ought to move to Sweden? I love subway station art! It actually deeply saddens me that stations in the US don’t put as much effort into their metros. But that is another topic for another time.

blue-white-6[link] The colour of the doors here is about the most perfect shade of blue I can imagine. Rich, warm, with just the right amount of saturation. I want to go to Portugal just so I can track them down. Taking a trip abroad will just be the tiniest of bonuses in my quest to find them.

Anyway, dearies, I’m off. I’ve had a long day (woke up at 6 am to go to Bikram… eek!) and so must buckle down for the last half hour at the office. Quick dinner and then… flamenco lessons with my friend! So very excited.

A final picture to tide you over…

blue-white-7[link] Ahhhh… wish I were there right now. For the blue and white occurring in nature! Of course! My sole reasoning behind wanting to go to the Maldives. No desire to tan and escape the city. Not at all!


One comment

  1. the subway is the blue line at the central station in Stockholm. Foud your lovely blog while surfing around after cathrineholm enamel ware

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