For all your back-woods bordello needs.

May 4, 2009

I know that the fauxidermy trend is soooooo last year or whatever, (yes, you have license to kill me with eye rolls for that entire phrase) and that I’m showing how I’m not all hep to the ebb and flow of the cutting edge of ironic home decor, but I do really dig this felt bunny head from Girl Savage. I feel that it would make a fine addition to my collection of Random Junk up on my wall.

feltidermy[Bunny Rabbit 41 Feltidermy]

This carved deer head is also rather cool. I quite like the colour… would add a marvellous touch of modern-hunting-lodge-cum-bordello to any interior. Precisely what I’m looking for in any objet that crosses my path. I always like to look at things and see if they’ll give my living quarters just that je-ne-sais-quoi that is the trademark of the back-country hooker.

Weird phrasing brought on by weird mood aside, I actually do think this head is a cool take on the trend. fauxidermy-2[Life Size Handpainted Faux Deer Head by I heart Sammi]

These two here by Snew aren’t to my personal taste, but I do find them just plain funny:



And this final one I thought was really cool until I became squicked out by the fact that it was a real taxidermied bunny. I’m cool with meat and (selfishly, guiltily) cool with fur, but actual dead animals I can’t deal with. If you’re not like me and can get over the vague creepiness, I think these are really cool. Just not for my walls.


[Bunny Hold My Jewels by Mary Beth’s Art]


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