Sucker for your love

May 4, 2009

Couldn’t resist posting this. When I was searching “taxidermy” for the post below, this beauty popped up among the real and fake mounted heads.

tentacle-1tentacle-2tentacle-3[Tentacle Ring from OctopusMe]

My taste in things tends slightly towards the creepy and theatrical, though I try to tone it down for public consumption. This octopus ring is perfect for these purposes– just enough of bizarrity to be satisfactory, without quite blaring “Bwahahahaha I’m wearing dinner twined around my hand!”

Also, this pendant could easily be worn by Ursula the Sea Witch’s shy, retiring maiden aunt:

octopendant[Black Tourmaline Pendant]

Et, enfin, apologies for the title. I make no claims to being witty today.


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