Old News Redux: Fool for your Stockings

May 5, 2009

gartersRacy, I know, but I couldn’t help posting these images from this shoot in V Magazine N. 48, by Coppi Barbieri. I love the richness of the colours and the unabashed frivolity of the subject. The picture at the top left particularly strikes my fancy, with its combination of jewel tones and lush fabrics, and the retro primness of the sheer nude hose.

They remind me of old stockings from the 50s that a friend of mine had at boarding school– so sexy in their foreignness, in the self-consciousness one was forced to adopt while wearing them.Here they are worn in a much more playful manner, but the air of “costume” still remains, with the flirtiness of the pink ones, or with the straight-up sexiness of the black lace ones below. And I’ve just started overthinking it. Here’re some more pictures, to soothe any distress I’ve caused by my maunderings. Pretty underpinnings. Feast your eyes.



And, just because the title got it stuck in my head, here’s ZZ Top. Fool for your Stockings.


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