Creature Feature

May 6, 2009

horror-poster-26I just stumbled across this collection of 100 Illustrated Horror Posters over at Well-Medicated, and couldn’t resist putting up some of my favourites. (Yes… I’m aware it’s left over from last Halloween. I never claimed to be a hep cat, with the times.) I had to severely restrain myself from putting up all of them, though, so do click over to enjoy the collection in its entirety. horror-poster-20I want the outfit the one in red and white is wearing, to prance around my room in. Red shoulder armour and thigh-highs = yesssssss.

horror-poster-30Also, this outfit. Crazy shoulder pads, a wimple and a cape are EXACTLY what my super-hero alter-ego is crying out for. How could I have denied her this for so long? How is she supposed to fight laser-robots without the sexy suit of DOOM?

horror-poster-15Not the satellite eyeball! The all-knowing be-tentacled satellite eyeball!

horror-poster-2Not going to lie. This is one of my favourite movies. I love old scifi films from the fifties.

horror-poster-4This looks a little bit more like a book cover than a movie poster to me, but I’d go see it, if I didn’t have an irrational fear of zombie movies.

horror-poster-17So cheesy!

horror-poster-9Classic. And wonderful.

horror-poster-6Yeah, I like vampire movies. What?

horror-poster-8Sean Connery was in this?!? And Charlotte Rampling???? I need to see it, for sheer certain hilarity purposes. I really really hope that the gleam there is because he has a crystal hand.

horror-poster-11LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. In fact, I OWN this movie. So so so so very funny!Oh Ed Wood, how I love you.

Last few, I promise:

horror-poster-22horror-poster-23horror-poster-25This last one looks legit creepy.

Anyway, now that I’ve geeked out over these amazing posters, do yourself a favour and go look at the full collection here: pt. 1 and pt. 2. I’ll be busy updating my Netflix with these masterpieces of kitschy horror and scifi that I seem to have somehow overlooked. Happiness!

Why yes, I also enjoy pulp novel covers. Why do you ask?


One comment

  1. I love these! They make modern movies seem so dull. I have Plan 9 on DVD too. Best. movie. ever.

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