A Picture’s Worth…

May 7, 2009

book cut 2

Discovery of the night is Jen Khoshbin‘s photographs of papercuts made out of books. It’s unclear whether the figures relate  to the text from which the cut is made, so it is fascinating to see how the visual image and the existence of text play off of one another and almost force the viewer into imagining the context for the depicted moment.  It’s wonderful to have these images available as photographs, rather than actual sculptures from the books, because it allows us to feel that we are viewing a snatched moment, rather than a static object. I also love thinking about the fragility of these forms– they seem solid here, but in real life they must shiver and shake with the slightest motion of the book they’re cut from.

book cut 1

book cut 3

book cut 4

(Apologies for the uneven spacing between the pictures. the pictures themselves have white borders and I’m faaaaar too lazy to tinker with them and crop them so as to have them all the same distance apart. Hope this doesn’t make you twitch too much. I’m just trying not to think about it too hard, else madness will ensue.)


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