May 8, 2009

I just discovered Muuto, a Danish design group, and have rather fallen for their designs. muuto-1Closely Separated Vase

Muuto is comes from the Finnish word for change, or “fresh perspective”, muutos. The group strives to take the idea of reinvention to heart, with the goal of adding a new dimension to traditional Scandinavian design.

muuto-2Crushed bowl, Small.

muuto 3Crushed bowl, large

In the examples above, I quite like the way in which they manage to contrast a relatively clean shape with all the interest created by the play of planes and curves. The solid colours save these from being cluttered, and instead draw the eyes to the shadows. I wouldn’t half mind owning one of the crushed bowls. It reminds me of unfolded origami paper.

muuto 5The More The Merrier Candlestick

Here, I quite enjoy the playfulness of all the extra arms mixed with the exploration of geometry seen in the previous items.

muuto 4E27 Socket Lamp

muuto 6Flow Jug

These two are delightfully plain.

And finally, of course, chair porn. Yum yum yum.

muuto 7Raw lounge chair

I really think that what I need in my life is a bright yellow wooden armchair. So hot. I can even picture just where I would put it. Anyone have a spare $900 they want to donate to this most worthy of causes?


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