For the birds

May 9, 2009

Quick post for a busy day. My friend is having her pre-birthday extravaganza and I’m squiring her about town to various beautification sessions and the like. Thought I would leave you with a touch of the weird for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Alexander McQueen’s 1995 Spring-Summer collection.

I found this collection while hunting about for a picture of another dress I wanted to put up, a dress that really represented my first consciousness of the value and importance of fashion, of what fabric could create, and what could be done with it. I believe it’s from McQueen’s S/S 2000 RTW, but cannot for the life of me find it. Maybe this is a dress hallucination. Regardless, I got to have a lovely stroll through his fashion archives, and made some marvellous discoveries. His clothing has such a lovely and fresh feel to it– I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was told that some of his earlier collections are from this year. Obviously past references are in effect, but the fact still remains that McQueen designs lustworthy clothing and I am in awe.

Today I’m mainly focused on jackets, but I might put up things of his from other collections soon. So lovely!

mcqueen 6

Love the bird print. Seems designed to make Tippi Hedren flee in terror.

mcqueen 5Reinterpreting grunge? (hyuk.)

mcqueen 2

Weird and wonderful. I like to think this is what an Amazon princess likes to wear when she’s feeling like lounging around in something minimalist. Beautiful.

And finally, my personal favourite, that lead me on a mad man-corset researching scramble:

mcqueen 1

(I also would totally wear that outfit, but would probably shame myself with non-corseted waist. Again, LOVE the bird print.)


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  1. I love the skirt worn by the guy! wow

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