Converse Extension

May 10, 2009

converse extensionI really dig these shoe-pants, made by Dutch designer Daryl van Wouw. I personally wouldn’t be able to pull them off, but I would be in complete awe of anyone I saw strutting about in these and actually doing it with the requisite insouciance. I particularly love that he’s been able to give a classic street twist to the shoe-pant, which I’ve only ever really before seen as fetishwear, or as a take on that.
These ones below I can only envision being worn by a crazy clown, but still I find myself compelled to post them because it’s an interesting use of crochet, and I’m curious about the construction.

converse extension 2[via Virtual Shoe Museum]



  1. were can i buy these im from england and i don’t think they have anything like this here please tell me were you can buy these my email address is potter091097@hotmail.co.uk i need a pair of these to show people that i dont care what they think thank you .

    • Sorry, I don’t think they’re available for sale. They’d be a fun project to DIY, though. That’d REALLY show people that you don’t care what they think, as well as showing to me that you’re absolutely badass for duplicating them.

  2. ahh man, they should so sell these pants! imagine how many would sell!

  3. I actually had a customer ask me to make something similar to this for her. She wanted really bright colors, though. I have them done but have not been able to get in touch with her again so they are listed on Etsy. Check it out.

  4. please!!! tell me where u can get these converse ex. i want them so bad!!!

  5. hi, -poshtosh- is there a way i can contact u. i would love to buy that pants and shoe extentions that u currently made for someone but could not reach, or even pay$$$ u for a pair.. would be my pleasure 🙂

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