May 11, 2009

janet hill 1

It initially came as no surprise to see that Janet Hill was from Stratford. Her paintings display the same dreamy beauty that I’ve always associated with homes in the English countryside, all strong, quiet colours and delightful feminine touches. Looking at these paintings, I feel as though I could easily just slip into her world and curl up on one of the couches with a good, satisfying book and a nice pot of tea. These are interiors to live in– beautiful but approachable, with perfect floors and window-seats and practically anything else one could require of a house to be happy in. She’s even been kind enough to leave around a cardigan and some shoes, for greater ease of imagination! Add a couple dogs and cats, and I’d happily settle here.

Then I discovered that I had read her bio incorrectly, and she’s in fact from Stratford, Canada. Not even a touch of Shakespeare. Ah well. The dreaminess and beauty still hold true. I just need to slightly modify my expectations for accents and the like.

See these and other paintings here.

janet hill 2

janet hill 3

janet hill 4

janet hill 5

janet hill 6

janet hill 7

janet hill 8

janet hill 9

janet hill 10


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