Carmen Dell’ Orefice

May 13, 2009

carmen 1

At 77, Carmen Dell’ Orefice is the oldest working model around. She had her very first Vogue cover when she was 15, and has been working ever since. I was familiar with her work in more recent editorials and ad campaigns, and had actually seen some of her older pictures, most notably the 1957 picture Avedon took of her in Paris, caught mid-leap with an umbrella suspended over her head. I had never made the connection between the two women I saw in those pictures– after all, the beautiful 70-year old must be a character model of some sort, and the looker from the 50s had to be just some girl. (Everybody knows that models simply vanish after they hit 26, right?) As a result, it’s quite interesting to go through her photos and observe how her features have matured over the years, while still remaining incredibly striking. See below for some examples.

carmen 2

carmen 5

carmen 4

carmen 6

carmen 7

carmen 8

carmen 9

carmen 10

carmen 11

carmen 12

carmen 13

carmen 14

[Pictures via Fashion Model Directory and Models 1]


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