Castles in the Sky

May 13, 2009

castle in the sky

Robert McCall‘s paintings show off what is most interesting about science fiction– the challenge of taking known, given landscapes and cultural norms, and projecting the what if on it, casting one’s vision into the future and seeing what will be different, what layers will have been added to the status quo. McCall’s combination of realistic, distinctly terrestrial landscapes– no purple moons or pod people here– with his graceful, fantastical cities in the sky creates a series of fanciful images, forcing viewers to stretch their imaginations in order to grasp the sheer logistics of what they see in front of them. Or maybe I’m just overthinking and my misspent youth, spent curled up reading glorified space opera is showing. (They remind me very much of the illustrations from the jackets of the books I stole from my uncle’s childhood bedroom.) Either way, these paintings show a beautiful, very different vision of these vistas.

mccall 4

mccall 5

mccall 7

mccall 6via but does it float? (Permalink is broken for some reason)

Also, I can’t link to other paintings of his, but check out his website. There are many other beautiful things to be found on there.


One comment

  1. They are so cute I have to check out more of his works!

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