Sandra Backlund

May 13, 2009


The month of may might seem an odd time to talk about a designer who principally specialises in knitwear, but when I looked back at Tilda Swinton in her designs for Another magazine, I couldn’t resist putting up a slew of Sandra Backlund‘s imaginative designs.

sandra backlund 4I’ve been into her designs for a while, since I saw a compilation of them on one of my favourite knitting blogs. Knitting is a wonderful craft, which forces the person doing it to find ways to create three-dimensional objects out of a continuous line. Backlund takes the craft’s potential and runs away with it, creating amazing sculptural garments out of wool.  sandra backlund 5She is a genius at exploring the ways in which knitted fabric can be manipulated, layering and draping in ways that veer far away from the more traditional track of afghans, socks and cardigans. sandra backlund 6She also plays with volume, most often using large guages to interesting effect, or switching needle sizes and types of wool to create contrasting textures in a piece, as seen on the dress Swinton is wearing.

sandra backlund 1

She also has branched out into other materials, with glorious results. I particularly love the curves in the collar in the top left one of this grouping. Reminiscent of old lace shirt-collars.

sandra backlund 2

The ones above and below remind me of origami. It’s quite interesting to see her work with such sharp angles after all the necessary curves found in the knit pieces.

sandra backlund 3

[images via marco sabino, design milk, today and tomorrow. Others were saved on my harddrive ages ago, so I can’t identify them, apologies.]

Ok… time to trot home and start swatching chunky yarns. Maybe I’ll be able to make myself a sculptural knit of my very own by next winter!


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