May 17, 2009

Lookit what my boyfrend bought me!


I think we can all agree that he’s a keeper. I’m already scouring my brain for ways to wear them every. single. day. Screw you, pretty high heels. I have no need for you now that I have primary colours in my life.  After all, I’ve only been obsessing over them since January.

When he got them for me, I promptly rearranged my entire outfit, just so I could wear them out of the store. Because I’m five years old. And they are bright! And shiny! Not really, but if canvas COULD be shiny, they’d be more blinding than a Twilight vampire.

Reissued Converse “Jams” Pack. Image via High Snobiety. (I lost the connector cord to my camera so can’t show you my ACTUAL pair, but in my biased opinion they’re even cooler than the ones pictured above.) Mood: Happy dancing like I’m on roller skates.


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