Vintage Perfume Ads

May 18, 2009

tabu 1

I love old perfume ads, and these for Tabu by Dana are particularly great. Deliciously melodramatic, featuring dreamy scenes ripped straight from the pages of Harlequin novels. Still, despite the bodice-ripping scenes, for the most part the women seem strong and self-possessed. Tabu is one of my favourite old scents, and hopefully these ads will bring as much pleasure as the perfume has brought me.

tabu 2

tabu 3

tabu 4

tabu 5

tabu 6

tabu 7

tabu 8



  1. Love the ads, Tabu is soooo deliciously naughty.

  2. I was reading some reviews about Tabu.
    I pay too much attention to the base notes of the ” niche ” fragances made today and costing our pockets out, a fortune for 50ml.
    we do not find : ambergris, indian vetiver khus hush,castoreum, civet, oakmoss,frankincense, mosses. oud ,aoud reals….
    because :
    they are very expensive raw-materials.
    I was reading all the ingredients of TABU.
    It is amazing. This fragance at least is good at at its best is wonderful.
    I tried, and found the vintages.
    I only smelled…
    marvelous smell, and I tell you candidly speaking, many, many niches fragances, are in a lower level of TABU, mostly the one I ahve , the vintage.
    Please give me your opinion cbecause i am an addicted of base notes made in tiffany…( animalic and not the same blá, blá blá : sandlewood, vetiver, patchouli, amber…and vice , trice, bi versa..)
    congratulations for the shots, veru autentiques.
    all the best

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