Beauty and braaaains

May 19, 2009

Sometimes the line between fashion photography and bad zombie movie gets blurred

I think I’d watch it. Hilarity would surely ensue.

Setting: Los Angeles. A zombie has just found its way to a fashion show, where two bright young things were bitten. Panic ensued. They remain at large.

Shuffle… shuffle…


What’s that I hear? Is it coming for me?

zombie 5

zombie 1


zombie 6


zombie 3

zombie 6


zombie 4

Really? No brains to be found here?

zombie 7

What about you, bitch? You have to have something rattling around in that pretty young skull of yours.

zombie 8

… Who, me?

zombie 9

Eh, Looks like an easy mark.

zombie 10


zombie 11

Like I said, easy.

zombie 12

With apologies to Jolijn Snijders, whose pictures I actually quite enjoy. Especially when I get to have such fun with them.

(Also, I REALLY dig the outfit “brainless girl” is wearing. That neckpiece is infinitely desirable.)


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