What’s up, doc?

May 19, 2009


Lara Stone with a carrot for Love Magazine. An interesting play on the tediously ubiquitous shot of the Smoking Model. Please note, I don’t have anything in particular against smoking. I just think that shots of smoking-to-connote-glamour/decadence are tired and best left to the 20th century. It’s an easy way to communicate a certain mood and mindset on the part of the characters in the shot, whether “sexy,” or “European,” or “noir” and works well as an instantly recognisable symbol, but it’s just too easy. And, taken wholly visually, a bit ugly. Also, all too often it is superfluous to the story being told in the editorial, and allows the model to relax a bit, knowing that the mood has been set for her.

Replace it with a carrot and suddenly you have a million new interpretations added. A model eating?! Humour? Phallic symbol? Childhood nostalgia for Saturday morning cartoons? Eat organic? Better your eyesight? Rabbits rule? Whatever the interpretation, the simple substitution of a prop has flipped this image on end and given it the hearty dose of surreality necessary to any fully enjoyable day.

Image from Professionally Trendy.


One comment

  1. Aww I love lara! I got those tights from a spree ! I think it was a taiwan spree 🙂

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