Divorce Rings

May 22, 2009

gisele ganne 4

In these days when divorce is so prevalent, it’s good that someone has thought of a way to make something beautiful of a depressing subject.

gisele ganne 3

Gisele Ganne takes inspiration from traditions of marriage, divorce and mourning to create beautiful, subversive jewelry. These knuckle-dusters pictured are from her “Divorce Jewelry” line, playing on such things as the Bride Globe, a traditional French present to the bride at her wedding. She also draws heavily upon traditional symbols related to these themes, such as roses, forget-me-nots, ivy, and more macabre things like skulls.

gisele ganne

Associations aside, these rings are just plain cool. You may have noticed that I have just the slightest bit of a penchant for big unusual statement-y jewelry, and these rings absolutely fit the bill. The macabre themes are a bonus, with my love of all things creepy. I came across them while looking for knuckle-dusters in general. Could I just get over my vague feeling of bad luck with the themes they’re representing, and had I 2000 pounds to drop on a ring, I would definitely pick one up.

gisele ganne 2

gisele ganne 7

The three rings below are from her Mourning series, and definitely more affordable and suited for everyday use. I love the silver “diamond” supported by the two skulls. Beautiful!

gisele ganne 6gisele ganne 8gisele ganne 9

Should you find yourself less financially limited than me, her rings are available for purchase at Kabiri.


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