Do the Skate.

May 23, 2009

do the skate

This ad above easily could have been the inspiration for American Apparel’s advertising campaigns. Minus the hearty dose of wholesomeness that seems to come with doing the skate. These kids are so white and all-American that they clearly will never be engaging in any of the deviant acts that the AA models seem to engage in on an hourly basis, between spates of thrusting their crotches out at you from the pages of magazines and unzipping their jumpsuits on website sidebars. Yes, little bit  annoyed at the fact that I feel as though I’m looking at soft-core porn whenever I use a website with one of their ads on it.

Rant aside, I am now sorely saddened that I am not among the elect that is blessed with the knowledge of how it  is exactly that one does the skate. Is it like the mashed potato? Or am I displaying my sore ignorance of eras and their dance movements? I fear I will never be able to capture the ideal of joy, as seen in the strangely awkward poses here. I shall have to temper my sadness with viewings of the other ads below, in their full cheesy vintage glory.

career club 2

[source] Just look at these two thugs. A regular pair of Bonnie and Clydes.

career club 3

[source] I think I used to own this very shirt, as a joke.

career club



One comment

  1. The men’s hair *really* creeps me out, in a childhood-memory-I’ve-managed-to-repress-all-these-years kinda way. Lol

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