Juley Collection

July 7, 2009

aline rhonieI came across this photoset while tooling around looking for “portrait” on Flickr.

The Peter A. Juley & Son Collection is a collection of photographs centered around American artists and their works. A selection of their pictures is available on the Smithsonian Flickr photostream.

tosca olinsky

I was particularly drawn to these photographs, particularly those of the sculptors, because I really enjoy being able to put a face to the person who created a piece of work. At times, the results are surprising in their contrasts, but I’m always pleased to be able to add in a dimension to my appreciation of the piece. I really enjoy dreaming up stories of the inspirations behind artworks, and imagining the whole process that went into the creation– how the hands I now am able to picture went about turning raw materials into a finished, how these facial features changed when concentrated and so on. I love seeing writers’ desks for the same reasons.

helen sardeau

Gwen Lux

brenda putnam

More pictures are available here. Artists pictured:

Aline Rhonie, Tosca Olinsky, Helen Sardeau, Gwen Lux and Brenda Putnam.


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