Time for Tea!

July 9, 2009

I really don’t think this would fly in my mostly-male household, but I’m obsessed with Vintage Renaissance‘s Tea Set Lamp:

tea set lamp

It’s quirky and sweet, and reminds me just enough of Alice in Wonderland to make it near-perfect. Actual perfection would be if the pieces were askew, but then we get into serious feats of construction, and I can settle for being a little less demanding. It might also be fun to see the tea sets with the original patterns, though I do quite enjoy this shade of blue. Either way, it’s a lovely piece, and I ardently wish it could be mine.

It’s apparently inspired by Anthropologie’s One Lump or Two Lamp, which I have also sighed over, but I must say that I prefer Vintage Renaissance’s version, if only because I know the pieces are unique, so there’s a better story to be had behind them. It’s not like I don’t spend enough money at Anthro as it is.


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