A Glimpse of the Portrait of an Uncomfortable Gentleman Surrounded by Mysterious Things

July 10, 2009

hsiung first

Michael C. Hsiung‘s drawings have brought hilarity and intense joy into my life in the midst of a very stressful day. I love the style and vaguely macabre subject matter, but most of all, it is the deadpan weirdness of the titles that makes me happy. I want to visit this bizarro little world of his, where drunken mermen and unitaurs frolic, and be privy to the secret inner lives of all the waiters and chefs of the land. Very inspiring.

hsiung 1

“A scene in which the street performer with six fingers may or may not need the passerbyer’s help to untangle himself.”

hsiung 2

Despite having successfully purloined the penny-farthing from Mr. Starley, the armed brutes find themselves in a pickle.

hsiung 3On the Sobriety of Certain Mermen

hsiung 5Merman examining his friend’s injured tail

hsiung 6

On the subject of teaching a child how to prepare an animal’s blood for a feast.

hsiung 8In a moment of folly, the waiter slips, but manages to point his toes.

hsiung 7Chef trying to break the neck of giant chicken for an expensive feast.

hsiung 12Unitaur checking the stability of horn after battle.

hsiung 10On the devotion between the clown man and the unknown boy.

hsiung 9Sailing along the turbulent sea, the Roman soldier believes he may or may not be going towards the battle.


One comment

  1. I have one of his Drunken Mermen illustrations hanging in my kitchen.

    You’ve got great taste! (as it coincides with mine!)

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