Good morning, sunshine!

July 20, 2009

bulldogThought everyone could use a little post-weekend pick-me-up.


(So nobody misconstrues the use of this picture… I love bulldogs, want one desperately, and find the one in question beautiful. They’re also hilarious, though, and shots of their underbites are smile-inducing even under the direst of Monday-morning circumstances, IMO.)



  1. Yes. Thank you. I needed that.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Laughing at bulldogs is the best way to make your day instantly better.

  2. I just want to rub noses with this ickle wrinkly beast. Please give him to me?

    • Sadly, he is not mine to give. I’m trying to hatch a plan to dognap him. Want in?

      • Damn straight I’m in. I’ve got mace and a persuasive manner?

  3. And I’ve got a bagful of drugged chewtoys. We’re totally set.

    • Here we go… but remember we can’t use our real names.

      • We’ll just have to think of code names, then. I’ll be Sparky (bad at thinking up code names).

  4. Adorable. I wish I had seen the post early this morning. Now I can go have some teething fun! 🙂

    – Oh and pls be careful with your heist, you ladies.

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