Strange Little Girls

July 22, 2009

12Those of you who have been playing along for a while might have learned that my taste runs a little to the bizarre and macabre side of things. Not to any crazy extent– I’m not possessed of a cabinet full of deformed things in jars, for instance, but I do enjoy things that are just a bit twisted.

Ray Caesar‘s art suits me perfectly. The world of his work is a world of nightmares, peopled with creepy little girl-women equipped with coy glances and tentacles. His aesthetic simultaneously repulses and compells me, with the tension it holds between the prim costuming and the subjects’ sexuality and creepiness. It’s a depraved little world, toeing the line between fantasy and realism, but I find it fascinating. I’m desperate to know more about all these characters, and what is going on in each scene. Might have to make up the stories all by myself.

More pictures below:












  1. Utterly smitten. Some make me uneasy but thats a *good* thing, the attention to detail in fashion history fascinating and the overall vibe is quite lovely. Thanks for sharing!!


    • I agree… there were some on his site that I loved dearly, but couldn’t post as they made me too uncomfortable. Glad you liked them!

  2. I could not resist peeking, My daughter LUVES all his works! Some are too ‘much’ for my tastes, others are exquisite, I adore the Antoinette cat girl!

  3. These are wickedly ace! Love them, reminds me of Mark Ryden’s stuff…. that uber surreal yet inviting allure to them. Weird, wonderful and simply delicious.


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