Down the Shore

July 26, 2009

coverIn celebration of my very first beach trip this year (yes, I’m aware it’s the end of July) I’ve pulled together some Jantzen ad campaigns from the days of yore. Let’s hope that my day is similarly characterised by glamour, wacky hijinks and burly men. Sadly, I am not possessed of the suit above, else I don’t think I’d need to worry about anything ever again.

Enjoy! And keep your fingers crossed for good weather for me. My skin has achieved astounding new levels of pallidity.






[via] This one above may be my favourite of the series… I love the green and the stylised lines of the design.




[via] Not strictly swimwear, but i couldn’t resist the patterns and that little father-son interchange in the background.


[via] You see? Jantzen =  wacky hijinks and burly men!


[via] And how adorable is this suit?!








One comment

  1. OMG. Great finds! The weather hasn’t been very cooperative lately… I wish more people would play bongo drums or ukeleles on the beach.

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