Ramon Casas i Carbo

July 28, 2009

autorretrato andaluz

Barcelona has been popping up everywhere of late. That’s right, the entire city. The marvellous book I’m reading right now is set there. The last three little red Netflix envelopes that appeared in my mailbox were also all situated in the city, and all featured lingering shots of sun-kissed Gaudi architecture. An old friend from there just got back in touch, a more recent friend is currently there having the time of her life (probably having to do with some character named Jorge who keeps popping up in emails.) For the moment, I can only dream of being there, but I’d thought I’d take this opportunity to celebrate one of my favourite artists, Ramon Casas i Carbo’.

(Can’t figure out how to do accents on this keyboard. Purists, I dearly apologise. I am lazy and slatternly, and I laugh in the face of Romance languages, apparently. No other excuse.)

If you mosey on over to the Wikipedia article I’ve linked to, you’ll get a fuller story, but the short version is that Casas was a Catalan artist, who lived from 1866 to 1932, who played a major part in the Catalan modernisme movement. He lived between Barcelona and Paris, and painted all aspects of their societies. I find his portraits most appealing, but he also made some beautiful depictions of things such as bullfights, and also did some great commercial work.

Just a note: I’m not sure of all the names of his paintings, and in some cases there is so much conflict between the Catalan, Castillian, and French names that I am just leaving some blank. Don’t fret about this too much.

[above: Autoretrat Vestit de Flamenc, a self-portrait dressed as a Flamenco dancer.]


2Interior a l’aire lliure

Nua, 1894

la sargentain

La Sargentain— this is a portrait of Julia Peraire, his favourite model and eventual wife. She was 22 years his junior.madeleine


Ramon Casas i Pere Romeu en TandemRamon Casas i Pere Romeu en Tandem


entre dues llumsEntre Dues Llums


temps modernsThis painting above was probably destined to become an advert of some variety.

retrato de pablo picasso

Portrait of Pablo Picasso




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