Grégoire Alexandre

August 11, 2009

gregoire 1

Fashion photography has always struck me as extremely challenging. With such rapid turnover in subject matter, it must be difficult to keep the images feeling new, and not a simple rehash of last season’s photos. I personally go through spates where I can’t bear to look at magazines because everything feels like the continuation of a few Neverending Photoshoots (much like the Story, but with fewer luckdragons and more skinny girls in $10,000 dresses jumping. Or sulking. Or contorting themselves.)

Grégoire Alexandre‘s work feels fresh to my apparently oh-so-jaded little soul. His use of props seems quite original. I adore the carefully staged fantasy of his shots, particularly the origami pieces. They end up being quite humourous, and have this wonderfully strange sense of being someone’s doodles come to life. They strike just the right kind of balance between between art and fashion photography.

See below:

gregoire 14

gregoire 15

gregoire 17gregoire 9

gregoire 6

gregoire 4

gregoire 2

gregoire 16gregoire 3

gregoire 11gregoire 10

gregoire 5gregoire 13

gregoire 7

gregoire 18

gregoire 8

[via Maurice on Twitter]

PS: sorry about the random spacing btw the pictures. They came with borders that I couldn’t take off, as my computer is having A Conniption.


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