Inspiration: Bjorn Borg

August 24, 2009

I’m in leisure mode these days, so my thoughts have been gravitating towards lazy, fun topics– namely, Sweden and tennis. The Sweden fixation arises due to the fact that I’ve been compulsively reading nothing but books set there (The Girl Who Played With Fire and the marvellous Martin Beck mystery series from the sixties) and daydreaming about visiting the country. Tennis… I’m in Newport, and it’s a fun summer sport, so how could my thoughts not go there?

Anyway, rambling aside, these two fixation lead inevitably to thoughts of Bjorn Borg and his legendary awesomeness as both a tennis player and a style icon. Since I’m too idle to go much into sports stats and so on, I’ll focus on the fashion sense end of things.

Classic pictures are below. Dig the vintage sports styling:

bjorn 1

bjorn 2

bjorn 3

bjorn 4

bjorn 5

bjorn 7

bjorn 6

(casual picture, revealing the existence of a forehead!)

Nowadays Borg heads up his own fashion line, which is quite popular in Sweden. The website is rather hilarious and can be found here. I strongly urge you to check it out. Here’re some of the examples of the violently printed underwear you’ll find on it.


undies 2

undies 3


One comment

  1. Love these looks. The 70s were very much a self-consciously sporty look. People wanted to be tennis players then.

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