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September 30, 2009


More shoe porn from Jak & Jil…. WANT. NOW.


Underwater Love

September 30, 2009


I’m just captivated by Tamar Levine’s underwater photography. I don’t find that it has the same obvious underwater quality as most underwater photography. Instead, the models simply seem suspended in some surreal fantasy medium– as if the atmosphere has just thickened about them, or as though they are some magical creature who can float on air at will. The costumes and the mix of extremely cold and very saturated colours add to the dreaminess. I’m longing to step into their world and play with them.




You should also check out the rest of her portfolio— she has some great projects in the works.


In other news– I just heard the sound of horse hooves beneath my window on a tiny little street in the Financial District. So confused!

Also, this is the song that this shoot makes me think of– Smoke City’s Underwater Love.

It was famous and all because it was used on a Levi’s campaign, so if you were anywhere near Europe in 1997, you probably remember it. My favourite song of theirs is actually their version of bossa-nova classic “Aguas de Março”.

It doesn’t have much to do with the original (to the scandal of my Portuguese teacher when I played it during a presentation on bossa-nova’s influences on other forms of music) but I like how the changes in the lyrics and so on reflect the globalised style that is the  group’s signature.



September 29, 2009



Tim Burton’s Magical Fashion

September 29, 2009


I couldn’t resist posting the Tim Burton-inspired editorial from Harper’s Bazaar. Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas were two of my absolute favourite movies growing up, and I think a lot of the creepy stylization of his film worlds rubbed off on my personal aesthetic. Plus, I really enjoy wondering about what he and Helena Bonham Carter talk about over the breakfast table! Totally mundane things, or mental wanderings about other planes? I’d love to be a fly on that wall! (Also curious to see if their kids grow up equally eccentric, or if they rebel by becoming as straighlaced as possible.) Anyway, I found this editorial particularly enjoyable because it showcased a lot of the darker, more outré looks out there, and it pleases me to see how mainstream designers can incorporate oddity into their collection.













All designer information can be found on the Harper’s Bazaar website, from whence I nabbed the pics.

On my side, I should continue to be in this work hell (I left the office at 2:30 am last night. Yeah.) for the remainder of the week, and into the beginning of next week, and then I shall hopefully be given a reprieve and a return to NORMALCY. At which point I need to get frantic with the school applications so I’m not stuck being a 90-year-old paralegal. Chills. Horror. But yeah, I’ll probably be posting regularly sometime mid-next week. Until then, stay tuned for scattered updates like these!


1957 Dior

September 29, 2009


A little mid-day eye-candy, courtesy of My Vintage Vogue.


Ramble ramble rumble rumba

September 26, 2009

Tragedy! All I want in life right this instant is this gorgeous Mirit Weinstock dress, and Pixie Market is callously, horridly, unthinkably sold out of it!


It would be the perfect addition to my dream wardrobe of all drapey black, all the time, punctuated with flashes of colour. (My coworker remarked to me yesterday that my complete and utter lack of colour that day was a little unnerving– rather like having a random goth lurking about in the dark recesses of our law firm. In my defense, I was wearing an enormity of gold jewelry, so I found additional colour unnecessary.)

Just look at what you can do with it!


And the back!


Seriously, I would think nothing of making this dress into my uniform. It’s so gorgeous and open to play with volume and textures. I’ve been looking for a piece like this. Why must it be out of stock?!

Any other suggestions? Remember, I am possessed of both boobs and ass, so can’t go too avant garde-y in shape, much as I would dream of doing it. Ahhhhhhh why is this dress cruelly kept from me?!?!?

In other news, I am strongly considering these shoes:


As I can’t afford Chloe, these might have to do.  They’re andro-sexy-tough incarnate. Just deciding how I feel about gold studs. I’m not huge on mixing metals (it makes me twitch and feel sloppy), so the studs on the shoes would pretty much determine the accessories I could wear with them. But I do love gold and black way more than gold and silver. Annnnd… the picker of the winklerpicker might not be pointed enough for my liking, but overall… they’re pretty great. Hmm. Ponderingponderingpondering. Ponderously.


Give ‘Til it Hurts

September 24, 2009


Now, I have to present this with the disclaimer that I never have seen a Saw movie, that I hate torture-porn, that the very thought of movies like that make me want to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth like a gibbering fool. I like horror and all, but I’m more a fan of the psychological mindfuck stuff, rather than knives and gore and… ugh. Shudder shudder shudder.  Despite all that, this ad for Saw VI (sorry… I refuse to link to it…. yuck.) and their “Give ‘Til it Hurts” blood drive, benefiting the American Red Cross, is completely eye-catching. The corset is by The Blonds, and it is so outré and  fantastical that I can’t stop looking at it. Such a fanciful idea, surreal-looking until you really focus in on it and see what it is made of, contrasting perfectly against her skin. This image is so simultaneously gorgeous and full of horror that I’m just in awe.

blonds corset