Shiny shiny

September 7, 2009

Scarlett Johansson and I broke up a while back, when I got sick of seeing her thrusting her boobs and lips around and simpering like she didn’t have a brain-cell left in her body and had lost the ability to close her mouth (pet peeve alert, anyone?). There is, amazingly enough, a way to be bombshell-curvy and still be able to put a sentence together. My T&A and I made it through school well enough. Just sayin’.

We’re provisionally thinking about getting back together, as marriage and hair dye seem to have boosted her IQ back up to where it was, but I’m still holding off on giving her my pin.

Aaaaanyway, my conflicts and issues with smart girls posing as dumb ASIDE, girlfriend can fill out a dress. Yes indeed.


And this is a rather cool dress to fill out. I love the way the ruffles give the fabric so much more lightness than it has ordinarily. Its fun and subversive.  Wholly impractical, but still quite desirable (for my imginary life where I am apparently a dominatrix/crimefighter/lumberjack, given the clothes I covet for it.)

I can’t find the image credits and I forget when I saved this (and googling the obvious lead to bad site explosion) so… I’ma be naughty and not credit it. I think it’s by Craig McDean again, bc I am repetitive. If anyone remembers, please to pass on.


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