Big Sky

September 10, 2009


I’m slammed today, so I’ll just leave you with this image. It reminds me of driving around the countryside outside of my city around this time of year, with the massive bales of hay neatly positioned through the fields, and the golden colour of the grass matching neatly with the clouds at sunset. So dreamlike. This could easily be taken in one of the fields near where I used to go riding when I was smaller.

Or my mind also likes to think it could be a modern interpretation of one of the Little House books, with the romance of open fields and empty skies. Perhaps not as wonderful in real life, by my imagination is awfully drawn to it. Probably if I lived here I’d be looking at pictures of cities with just as much envy and wistfulness. Can’t win, but it’s still gorgeous.

Turns out it’s taken in Belgium, so a lot closer to my Italian version of the facts.



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