Underwater Love

September 30, 2009


I’m just captivated by Tamar Levine’s underwater photography. I don’t find that it has the same obvious underwater quality as most underwater photography. Instead, the models simply seem suspended in some surreal fantasy medium– as if the atmosphere has just thickened about them, or as though they are some magical creature who can float on air at will. The costumes and the mix of extremely cold and very saturated colours add to the dreaminess. I’m longing to step into their world and play with them.




You should also check out the rest of her portfolio— she has some great projects in the works.


In other news– I just heard the sound of horse hooves beneath my window on a tiny little street in the Financial District. So confused!

Also, this is the song that this shoot makes me think of– Smoke City’s Underwater Love.

It was famous and all because it was used on a Levi’s campaign, so if you were anywhere near Europe in 1997, you probably remember it. My favourite song of theirs is actually their version of bossa-nova classic “Aguas de Março”.

It doesn’t have much to do with the original (to the scandal of my Portuguese teacher when I played it during a presentation on bossa-nova’s influences on other forms of music) but I like how the changes in the lyrics and so on reflect the globalised style that is the  group’s signature.



  1. underwater photography is soo beautiful! I love these images! xox

  2. An underwater play?
    just WOW!

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