Double Dutch

October 3, 2009


Was looking through Tony Kim’s website after I put up the last post, and came across these absolutely crazy Double-Dutch photos. Being from Italy, I had absolutely no idea what Double-Dutch was, or that jump-ropes had any sort of place in people’s lives beyond the age of nine, until a friend mentioned the sport (?) to me a couple years ago. Since then I’ve been absolutely fascinated by it. It’s so cool on so many levels– firstly, the reimagining of something commonly thought of as a playground toy, then with the crazy level of skill and strength needed for this. These girls in these pictures are BUILT. I’d kill for quads half as good as theirs. It’s like dancing with extra props involved, and there is something so cool, so gritty about it that I just love it.


I feel like Tony Kim’s pictures do proper justice to the feel of it– or at least my uninformed furr’ner’s idea of the feel of it. They’re lo-fi action shots capturing the crazy moves the jumpers have to offer, and the beautiful synchronisation of the spinners. Not polished, but this is a highly physical activity, and I generally object to over-polished depictions of things wherein you are sweating. The sense of the movement is totally captured here, in their poses, and even in the positions of the ropes. I feel like we’re getting a priviledged breakdown in what’s going on so quickly onstage.


Anyway, I love these pictures, and I’m utterly fascinated by the sport. I’d love to go see it done live sometime. Totally impressive.








  1. Wait! You mean you haven’t seen this?

    • Oh my god, you just rocked my world so hard. Love it!

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