Knit Denim

October 4, 2009

Susie Bubble posted about this, so probably everyone and their oh-so-eccentrically-fashionable grandmothers have seen this, but I couldn’t resist putting up this knit denim jacket by Sibling.


I’m fighting the crazy urge to drop everything and try my hand at replicating it. I’m a pretty competent knitter, so probably could get the job done, and well,  but the fiddliness of all the pieces would probably drive me insane. Also, with the smallness of the guage, it looks machine-knit. Could go on for a bit making not-so-mental notes on this one…

Instead I’ll just look on in awe at the coolness of the design. I want to track it down so I can coo over it in person, and feel the material and turn it inside out and see precisely how it’s made. Then I might embark on my mad replication experiment. But in the meantime… so cool. So very, very cool.



One comment

  1. That is amazing, I know I couldn’t make it! Not without a ton of practice.

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