Random Acts of McQueen

October 5, 2009

I’ve discovered what dress I’d wear if I suddenly found myself in a fairy-tale.


Actually, screw fairy-tales. Knowing myself, if I owned that (and the shoes!!!) I’d wear it every chance I got. Like to the grocery store. And the laundromat. To walk the dog. (This is also an imaginary reality wherein I actually have a dog. Specifically, an old, fat, grumpy English bulldog. Named Bruce.)

((What? I’m on topic! British dogs are the perfect accessories for British-designed dresses!))

Point being, it’s a magical dress. I want to run my hands all over it and put it on and twirl like the foolish little girl I am. Gorgeous.

Alexander McQueen A/W 2008. [via]



  1. Yeah erm. For the cost of that McQueen– fairytale-like as it may be– it would probably be the only thing you could afford in your closet. šŸ˜‰ Not that I wouldn’t mind wearing it everyday. Amazing. Amazing.

    • Fine, so maybe in my fantasy I would also be heiress to a limitless fortune. Or the inventor of some brilliant thing that mankind was unable to live without. Or McQueen’s muse, able to order him to give me dresses from old collection at the snap of my oh-so-inspirational fingers. Or maybe I simply would lead an incredibly clean existence, with nothing to snag delicate little threads on, so I would be fine with just one dress. Possibilities are endless in this fairytale of mine.

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