October 15, 2009


Nutella. From my hometown (yay!). The perfect way to start the day. Sadly, I’m having cereal, as I’m not allowed to have it in the house. It disappears a little too quickly. Still, I can dream, can’t I? This picture reminds me of lazy, sunlit mornings growing up spent lounging about at my friend’s house. Her mother always served us healthy breakfasts of Nutella and toast or tea and cookies. Stark contrast to my house, where breakfasts when I was younger consisted of a combination of health food imposed by my mother and weird things imposed by my stepfather– grilled banana and cheese sandwiches, anyone? The health food I am now appreciative of, but at the time I sure wished I could have the Nutella-touting mom.

[image via]

Also the subject of much discussion throughout Italy, pretty much summed up in this cult scene from Nanni Moretti’s film Bianca. Awesome.


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