Zhang Haiying

October 21, 2009


Zhang Haiying drew inspiration from pictures of prostitutes posted on Chinese Anti-Vice Campaign websites to make these pieces. I love the style of his paintings,  so realistic but with just enough left blurred to evoke the motion and seedy lighting that I imagine going hand-in-hand with these scenes. I also really applaud the fact that these paintings recall their photographic inspiration by simply serving as records of events, rather than taking a side on the issue. The girls seem vulnerable, with their frail limbs and covered faces, but thankfully it misses the mark of creepiness. The pictures are a little sordid, but the situation is sordid. Also completely love the contrast between the stern uniforms and the girls’ flimsy little dresses. Details jump out, like the mirroring of the colours of the men’s arm bands and the girls dresses. These are beautiful and fascinating takes on a reality of life in China, and I love the story that emerges from the pictures.












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  1. Gorgeous! I am loving these.

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