Yeti v. Sasquatch

October 22, 2009


Nate Wragg is a pretty darn amazing artist. He works as an animator for Pixar, and also spends his time making these wonderful retro-tinged paintings of fun topics. My favourites are the Sex and Science series, and the Yeti vs. Sasquatch series.

(As a side note, the picture above is called “Talk Science to Me”, which is a sentiment I can always get down with. I totally have a thing for sciencey types, which probably started with reading about sexy, square-jawed, brilliant scientists/renaissance men in the trashy scifi books of my youth. My fella is a PhD student in electrical engineering at MIT who is saddened by the fact that he never became a mathematician, and I’m just like, mmm. Numbers. Chips. Things I know nothing about. Tell me more. (Plus he’s a hottie who does capoeira, kitesurfs and plays classical guitar. Yup. He’s a catch and a half.) )

Ok, daydreams about lab coats aside, check out these pictures. The Sex and Science ones are delightfully cheesecakey, and the Yeti vs. Sasquatch are just plain awesome. Yetis! A Sasquatch! Battling! Amazing!




Love the thought of horn-doggery in space.Wragg_Man&Monster







And finally, Yetis in love! Cutest thing ever!




I kind of am tempted to try to track this one down as a card to use for Christmas this year. But I never get around to sending out cards, so I’ll just stick to looking at it. But look! He’s carving out the tree for her! How cute!


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