Masters of the Universe

December 27, 2009

I was going to ring in Christmas with my triumphant return to blogging, but was cruelly foiled by a crappy internet connection that kept breaking down whenever I tried to upload pictures. Also, the dog ate my wireless router. Excuses, excuses. Actually, my family just adopted a crazy one-year-old Lab with serious abandonment issues, so that last one was almost true, but no. He’s not allowed anywhere near electronic equipment. Or me. Apparently I start whining and shrieking like a two-year-old when jumped on a few two many times by a creature my size. And I thought I liked dogs.

ANYWAY, rambling pulled slightly back in to focus on the subject I’m at least attempting to lead in to, Christmas is a time for family and reminiscing and all that. My poor fourteen-year old brother had his baby pictures forcibly shown to a female friend of his. He claims to not be scarred by the experience, which shows that he has a far stronger psyche than I do. I went into my childhood room and was reminded of what a dork I was in seventh grade, courtesy of a class picture that I had banished from memory.  We did the big Italian family get-together thing, and many other small meetups. It was very lovely, despite the fact that my time there was cut in half by the evil storms that plagued the Northeast last Saturday, when I was meant to fly out. I love being around my family, and I love digging through my old stuff to see what treasures I come across.

This time around, I was reminded of my undying love for Masters of the Universe, which I used to think was absolutely the best thing on earth. Being a tomboy, I would charge about all over the place, crying, “By the power of Grayskull!” Screw She-Ra. I wanted to be He-Man. I think I was rather confused about the ol’ gender identity thing as a kid, although I did concede that her head-dress was infinitely more badass than his poncey hairdo. Anyway, I was absolutely delighted when I was looking about on Behance the other day and came across Adrian Riemann’s take on the characters, reimagined as hipsters. It’s a little bit precious, but also funny as hell, so I thought I simply had to put some of these up to share.


Skeletor. The person I wanted to be if I couldn’t be He-Man. He was so sinister and cool. He had a SKULL for a head. Come on.

I now recognise that She-Ra is badass.

Man-At-Arms had the coolest name.

Ok kittens, I’m actually at Heathrow right now, waiting to head back to New York. I just got the dreaded “Reserve Battery Power” notice on my screen, so I must run, but you can find the rest of them (with outfit descriptions!) here. Please check them out, and the rest of Adrian’s portfolio. They’re awesome.



  1. Hordak is the character I always identified with most. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Fright Zone, command an army of robots, and throw one’s foes into a Slime Pit?

    Also, season’s greetings and such (a pretty good season to trawl the web and discover old friends’ new(ish) and delightful blogs, apparently).

    • I could see you as Hordak. You would completely rock it.

      But if you’re Hordak, and I thought of myself as Skeletor/ He-Man, what does that say about how we relate to each other?

      • Clearly, it says that you still have lots left to learn from my most enlightened and refined sensibilities. 😉

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