You’re Lost, Little Girl…

December 30, 2009

I love this shoot from the winter issue of Wonderland. The combination of the colours and textures are so opulent, especially in contrast with the  black backgrounds, and the black photographs.

I’m also interested in this because I realised that I’m not really sure how to react to these photographs. It’s funny to me that the head scarves should read so differently to me– reminiscent of turbans and Eastern European headscarves in the coloured pictures, but then dangerously tinged with controversy in the black-and-white pictures. It’s hard to tell where or what the story is in this photoshoot, especially with the one photo where her hair is uncovered and big.

Maybe I’m just reading more into this that I ought to be. My dad moved to Saudi Arabia about a year ago, and since then, I’ve become more aware of the roles that head-coverings play in women’s rights and expressions. It shocked me once I realised that my stepmother has to cover up like this any time she wants to leave the compound. Still, the images where the faces are veiled had an immediate shock effect when I first saw them. It’s funny how a piece of cloth can be so steeped in politics.

Also, here above: a niqab, a navel and a bare leg, all in the same shot? Can’t quite wrap my head around it. Love the gloves, though.

The model is Darya Kurovska, and the photographer is Xevi Muntane.


(Soundtrack because I can’t resist, and because Strange Days used to be one of my absolute favourite albums:)


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