Coco Chanel and a Rant.

January 8, 2010

Hi everyone! Sticking my head in from CDG airport where I have a looooong layover on my way back from my trip to Jordan. I had a really lovely time, and am thoroughly unexcited about returning to my life in New York. I really miss living overseas, and the lovely little interrogation I was subjected to on checking in at Paris to switch to American Airlines didn’t do anything to up my excitement for my return. I frankly don’t think it’s anyone’s business to know WHY I was born in Italy, and what company my father was working for at the time. Nor should I be expected to produce his business card now. Nor do I expect to have to produce receipts for things I was doing in Jordan– a.) it’s none of their business where I stayed and what I did, and b.) my father paid for everything major, like hotels, and what he didn’t pay for I paid for in cash. And, I know this might be crazy, but I wasn’t exactly set on getting a receipt from the Bedouin kids who let me ride their camel. Or from the little stall in the souk where I bought a necklace. So irresponsible of me, non? I dragged out my camera, but the officious little so-and-so behind the desk didn’t seem to want to see my pictures of the desert. Funny– she was so interested in everything else

Oh, and I also had to remove my knitting needles from the hat I’m in the process of making for a friend, even though they’re wood and supposedly ok with TSA regulations. Hurray! for needles and hours of work lost!

Oh! And after I did that I was told I had to check my backpack, so now I’m schlepping around the airport with my little handbag, and a plastic carrier bag in which I am carrying my computer and this pottery tray I bought. What fun! And she questioned me about my medication as well. Seriously? Nobody’s business what pills I’m taking, and why. Ugh.

This just infuriates me because it’s taken all the fun out of travelling, and has me seriously thinking about moving out of the US, just so I don’t have to deal with the horrendous hassle and violation of privacy that goes on everytime I go in or out of the country. I’m perfectly aware that it’s for security reasons, but I’m sure there must be some way to be safe and secure without treating people like criminals or getting down and dirty with the particulars of my thyroid troubles. I’m actually quite annoyed because I had big plans for cutting a swath through Duty Free during my time here, and now I’m afraid of being yelled at for having the audacity to purchase dangerous liquids like skin cream and perfume. I’m going to go do it anyway, but just all the mental eye-rolling is exhausting to me. Anyone hiring in any place other than the US?

Anyway, my initial purpose in writing this post was to simply put up this photo of Coco Chanel I found today. I’m charmed by her outfit, as ever, and haven’t seen this shot before. Let’s look at her for a moment and forget all about my rage, shall we?

This is intensifying my desire for more houndstooth in my life.

Ok, kittens. Off to do some anger-shopping. I’ll write again when I’m back Stateside.


One comment

  1. The rules for flying internationally always get tighten after an attempt to blow up a plane. It causes hassle and I understand both sides of the hassle (TSA and passengers). I guess we can do nothing but deal with it until they slacken them a little and the next idiot tries to blow up a plane.

    Hope you had a beautiful, memoriable, trip to Jordan!

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