Presenting: Obywatel Kane

January 11, 2010

I’ve been thinking about movie poster design lately, and kept finding my mind being brought back to this Polish poster for Citizen Kane. It’s not the my usual style, but I think it’s so much unexpected fun. I’d expect this to be something of a spoof piece, designed recently, rather than an actual one-sheet for the film. Polish film posters always have such charming twists to them, and a great style (not to mention the personal nerdy pleasureI get out of sounding out the Polish words and trying to decipher them… ahhh the joy of having been a Russian major). I’ll try to feature more of them soon.



  1. check out mrposter.com for polish film posters.

  2. I admire your blog! I discovered it maybe two days ago and the pics u are posting gives me a lot of inspiration. They make me happy! Keep on the good work:)

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