Bitch don’t make me take my earrings off

March 16, 2010

These earrings by You gNeeK on Etsy solve the age-old problem of form vs. function. Have your cake, eat it too! Two birds, one stone! !!!

The store offers hundreds of delightfully geeky objects, such as a math clock I’m incredibly tempted to get for my boyfriend (PhD student in electrical engineering… ’nuff said) and lots of cool functional tools dressed up as aesthetically pleasing  jewelry.  I’m infinitely pleased by the spirit level necklace, but the violent pyro in me can’t keep her eyes off the infinitely cool dangerous toys, like the working folding knife earrings. Steampunk enthusiasts should forget their silly faux clockwork jewellery and turn to these instead. Nothing says gentlewoman-adventurer chic quite like working lighter earrings. Love them.

Tiny Folding Knife Earrings. $39.99

Vintage Gold Lighter Earrings. $49.99

Switchblade necklace. $34.99



  1. Thanks for the love! I got a million ideas! Let me know if there is something James or Jane Bond should have and I don’t already have listed.

  2. Ha! These are wonderful! And that knife looks very well crafted…cut someone indeed!

  3. Crazy amazing. LOVE THEM

  4. I’m really digging the light earrings- they’re so fun. I love wearing random things as jewelry- I have a Sey necklace that are computer vacuums!

  5. Loved your post and meant to send you message when you first wrote it but I am just getting around to it now. Email me at shirwoo@yougneek.com and I can send you those earrings that you don’t dare wear to the airport.


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